Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review - Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo

Hi Hi Hi!!

Today a little review for you on the 24hr colour tattoos from Maybelline. I have three colours so will be basing my opinions on these and my experiences with them. The colours I have are Permanent Taupe, Rose Gold and finally Eternal Gold. Theres never very much option for these in my boots or superdrugs Ive definitely seen a blue one, and I think there may be a purple but Im not 100% sure on what the other colours are.

 So basically theres a lovely taupe/brown colour, a shimmery pink, and a shimmery gold. Below are some swatches, a strong bold line of colour and above each one I have blended them out for a sheer wash of colour.
                                                                        L-R Eternal Gold - Permanent Taupe - Rose Gold

I find these very versatile and you can get a great colour pay off from these. The taupe was my first one, and Ive got alot of use out of it. I use it at a base mostly but on occasion as a light wash of colour on my lids for an effortless look at work. I also find using a very nude eyeshadow and this blended in the corners gives a very subtle smokey eye. The gold and pink are my newest purchases and again I mostly use them as light washes while at work. They stay on for ages and the shimmer in the gold and pink is not too strong or overpowering. As Im a huge fan of shimmered eyeshadows these intensify everything and make my eyeshadows last so much longer! The product itself lasts a very long time and while I can not back up the 24hr claim I can say I go a good few hours without noticing any wear, fading or creasing. Definite plus in my book there! These can be hard to blend out with brushes and I generally use these with my fingers but I do love the effect they give. I also think the gold and brown may make good eyeliners because of the cream/gel like texture to them, although I have not tried it yet I am defiantly going to test out my theory at some point!!   
Im on the look out for the other colours and cant wait to get my hands on more of these, but maybe not the does not look good on me! 

Have you tried these? Whats your favourite colour?