Monday, 5 November 2012

Empties #1

So my first empties post for you!! I have never done one of these before simply because I never keep my packaging once Im done with something, I throw it away or recycle it. However I decided just to keep a few things so I could start doing these posts and heres my first one.

 1. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original
These cost around £2-£3 and I use about one of these a month. My hair is naturally very oily, and sometimes it leaves me wanting to wash my hair everyday which isnt very good for it. So using this allows me to keep to every other day washing, I mostly just spray in my roots, it helps to soak up excess oil and give a bit more volume to my hair. It is a great product and I think everyone should try it! I especially love the floral scented one which comes in a pink can, but I really want to try the cherry one next!

 2. 17 Falsifeye Mascara - Black
This is my all time favorite mascara. It costs around £7 or £8 pound and it adds length, volume and is a really great black mascara. I love it, it lasts a long time and does make me look like I have false lashes. But please be aware I am kind of blessed in the lashes department because they are quite long anyway, but this just adds that extra kick to them! The bristles are like your standard mascara brush but it is bigger then usual. If you are looking for a new mascara seriously check this one out.

 3. Avon Super Shock Mascara - Black
This used to be my go to mascara until I discovered the falsifeye one, if you have this mascara and love it seriously check out the falsifeye one. This has one of those fine plastic bristled brushes that is huge, and I mean huge!! It does add loads of volume and a decent amount of length, I can find this a bit stubborn to get off at the end of the day but other then that I have no problems with this mascara. I cant remeber its exact price they forever seem to be changing at avon but you can usually pick this up on offer. It is a good investment if you can find it on a good offer.

 4. Avon Magix Face Perfector
This is a primer. It is pretty decent on its own and I tend to use it when Im looking a bit red and just finish with a powder. However I dont find this makes my makeup last any longer. It is pretty much just to even out my skin tone when I dont feel like wearing alot! Its a good product if you have nothing to cover on your face other then the odd difference in colour here and there but not great if you are looking for something to prime your face with. However it does have sort of a nice velvety texture to it which I personally like. I purchased this when it cost around £8 it now costs around £10 but again with most avon products you will probably find this on offer at some point.

5. Johnsons Face Cleansing Wipes.
I picked these up when they were on offer in home bargains you got two packs for around £3. You get 25 wipes to a pack which is pretty good. I think to buy from boots or superdrugs they are around £2/3 a pack. I did not really get on with these at all, they irritated my eyes slightly, but were good at removing foundation. The packaging is such a let down the sticky to get to the wipes stopped sticking down after removing about 5 wipes. I expect these types of packaging to eventually loose their sticking ability but not so quickly. Other ones I have tend to last until the very end or at least 2/3 wipes left.

Out of all these products I think the only ones I will repurchase are the top three. I do not have any plans to buy the face perfector or the wipes again.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you used up lately? Let me know below