Friday, 2 November 2012

CRAFT -DIY - Gift Bow Tag

Well this is something a little bit different (I seem to be slipping these in every now and again from posts about eczema to book reviews on my youtube! I suppose this blog is really about me and what I like so dont judge me too harshly that its not makeup related!)

With christmas just around the corner and being a bit of a crafting nut, I decided this year Im not going to stop at handmade cards Im going to make the gift bows that you put on presents, you know those shiney bows with sticky stuff on the bag that everyone spends a fortune on? Well yeah those things, Im making them, and cheaply!!

You need three things
1. Split Pins (or brads for a bit more colour)
2. Any Old Magazine (pictures work great)
3. Scissors

You need to cut your magazine into strips about 1cm in width. Then basically make them into little figure of 8 shapes. When each figure of 8 is made push it onto the pin, repeat as many times as you like!

Heres a little video on how to do the fold, to do the other side you just repeat the same step but upside down! (I was using one hand for this while holding the camera in the other)

 So this is your figure of eight, stick a pin in it!!
 Then keep adding figures of 8's until it looks how you want it too!
I like to add a little finishing touch to mine by adding these 'tail bits' to do that I fold a strip of paper in half and cut a triangle across the fold. position these last.

You should be left with something that looks like a gift bow tag, then its ready to stick onto presents, YAY!!!

I hope you like these and find it useful. I have a full video over on youtube.

Let me know if you try this :)