Monday, 19 November 2012

Free Ad Space

So Im going to be offering up ad space of my blog on a free basis! I really want to help get other people to blogs that may otherwise have never found it! Pretty much it will consist of your blog being advertised in two places! You will appear in my side bar and in a dedicated page (like the ones I have above for DIY or PR ect...)

Ive been thinking long and hard about this and Ive come up with this way of doing it,

Your Ad space will last for one month
Your Ad space in my sidebar will consist of a blog button My sidebar is 250px wide so no buttons larger then that size please. (if you dont know how to make one you can find out on my blog post here.)
Your Ad Space in my dedicated page will include your blog button, a direct link to the blog post you provided me, and your twitter and/or facebook page.

In return I ask that, if you are one of my top 5 blogs in my sidebar, you share my blog button in your side bar too, to do this copy the html code underneath my blog button and copy it into a new html box in your sidebar (click layout, then add a new gadget into your side bar, select html box and then paste my code into it and save)

To get your hands on my ad space every month I will ask for you to link me to your favorite post from the last month. The top 5 that I like the best will be selected for my ad space, and dont worry I will try to write everyones names in the dedicated page as well. I want this to be fair and get as many blogs mentioned as possible. Every month I will make a new blog post that you will have to reply to. You have one week to send me your blog links. So you have from today until 26/11/12 (midnight) to get your blog posts to me. Then at the end of the week I will pick the blogs Im going to put on my ad space! So your ad space will run from 26/11/12 until 26/12/12.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, hit me up and send me your favorite blog post from this month!!


If you do not advertise my blog in return (as this is all about sharing the blogger love) I will remove your blog from my ad space.