Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Response To Water Painted Dreams Blog Post - Nestle No Way

I recently read this post by Hayley over at water painted dreams. It was all about the nestle boycott that has pretty much been ongoing from the 70's for many ethically minded people. Im not going to go heavily into the boycott, thats up to you to research and find out why, although Hayley does sum it up nicely!

For a while Ive been interested in the effect we have on our environment. While at uni I ran the people and planet society for two years, which was concerned with defending human rights, protecting the environment and ending world poverty. From educating about sweat shops, to green weeks, even running fairtrade weeks, I was hugely interested in it all. Even now I do my best to avoid products, or raise awareness about issues. (Im not going to try and babble on about what I beleive too much or at least I hope I wont I just want to supply some information!)

Hayley talked about boycotting nestle and a huge part of nestle besides their coffee is their chocolate! And chocolate is a great starting place for 'I think Im doing something less damaging for the environment by picking this brand over this other brand'

Lets say Galaxy chocolate bar (rain forest certified) and lets go for Thorntons chocolate, that comes with no claims (eg not fairtrade, organic, rain forest friendly) you would probably think (and I would forgive you for this) that the Galaxy chocolate bar was the more environmently friendly and ethical bar to choose. However sadly it isnt really the case, while the cocoa bean inside the bar has been rainforest certified the palm oil isnt. Palm oil is in most chocolates and the huge parts of the rainforest are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. This destorys the environment and many people who lived in the rainforest are forced out by these plantations. I do not agree with destroying an environment where indigenous people or the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.

But I am not here to go on about human rights, ethical issues and Im certainly not going to try and ram my beliefs of trying to do the best for the environment and workers down your throats!! But if you do find yourself concerned with these things Ive come across a great website it ranks food out of 20 and creates a list of which is best and which isnt best. It may help you in deciding which brand of chocolate you should go for if like me you have a sweet tooth but dont want a huge negative impact on the world you live in!!

Here it is
If you keep scrolling down after the scoring table theres bite sized information on problems effecting the choices of eating brands of chocolate bar, from child labour, to palm oil, to fair trading. Its all very interesting and easy to follow! Especially if this is a newly raised issue for you.

Just so you know Galaxy scores a 3.5 and Thorntons scores 11.

If you avoid anything or would never go near anything because of ethical principles let me know below! I would be really interested to know what you think!