Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Day In The Life Of Me

Hi guys
Hope you are all well and that the days are treating you kindly!
Today I am going to do a little 'day in the life of' post just because I had an interesting day yesterday! My parents had just got a new campervan and decided to go to stratford-upon-avon to celebrate!
So I started work at 6am that day and because I had to walk I was up at 4am so apologies but I am makeup free in all photos!!
So after being picked up from work at 12midday we were straight off to stratford-upon-avon. It didnt take too long but not that it bothered me because that campervan was soooo comfy!!

We decided to get something to eat first because me and my dad had not eaten since the early hours it was nothing posh we just went to to first maccies we saw!
So then we were going along to local highstreets and side streets, I found a vintage shop called razzle dazzle fell in love with it and it took me 30mins to be pulled out by my mom!! We went in an old sweet shop where my sister got her fill of sugar mice, and my dad was shocked at the price of lucky charms!!

We then walked up to the very top of the high street to see some of the buildings and we accidently found ourselves part of a Shakespear tour although when I tried to take a photo of 'William Shakespear' the only sunshine of the day gave him a ghostly glow!! 
There was a beautiful church that we stopped to take pictures of I cant remember the name of it but its a lovely building!

 We kind of followed the tour around for a bit and came by Shakespears house (one of them I suppose there are alot of places there with signs that say he lived there!) We then left the tour as we did feel a bit bad gatecrashing it and found ourselves by a teddy store!
There were huge teddies outside that I loved and a whole collection of steiff bears which were adorable.

 The next store I made us go into was the Beatrix Potter store. Its amazing if you love her characters I was personally after a copy of 'The Tale of Tom Kitten' which I could only find in a box set, so my mom has got it me for Christmas! So although I know my favorite childrens story is in the house I can't read it until 25th December!!

 Speaking of Chrismas there was a Christmas decoration shop. Some of the ornaments were so delicate and intricate it was a beautiful place inside! It had about 3 trees all decorated inside and it was simply magical!
 Because I had my picture taken with the giant teddies we felt taking my picture with the giant nutcracker was only right too!
 We visited a few other places like the shakespear gift shop, a Harry Potter inspired shop and a few other shops including a shop where my mom had to tell my dad he wasn't old enough for a flat cap yet no matter how good he looked in it!
 On the way out of stratford we passed shakespears house again and also spotted 2 gold post boxes which were a nice reminder of how well we did in the olympics this year!

I have to say Stratford-Upon-Avon is a simply stunning and beautiful place. It is definatly worth a visit. From the antique and vintage shops to the clothing and souvenier shops there is something for everyone.

So just to end the post because this was probably my favorite shop there, what is your favorite Beatrix Potter story?