Thursday, 11 October 2012

No7 Foundation Service - My Experience

So I have been M.I.A because Im ill and not really had the motivation. But today I figured why not write about the No7 foundation match service. I tried it yesterday and it is pretty good. Well almost I think the woman that matched me needed a little more training!

So what is it! 
Well No7 have been doing a lot of hard work at rebranding and making sure that foundation can be perfectly matched to your skin tone. There is a small hand held device that takes pictures of your skin and its undertones to get you the right shade. The best part is once you know your shade colour it will be the same across all 9 foundation types.

How does it work?
The assistant at No7  will take off a small amount of makeup along your jawline on both sides of your face. She will then add a small amount of moisturiser (this is what she did with me as I had no makeup on) and hold the machine to your face. It clicks twice and inbetween these clicks pictures are taken of your face. This is then repeated on the other side. This then gives you a colour match. Mine was 'Calico'

What next?
Once your shade is determined the assistant will ask about what you want from a foundation, how long you need it to last, what coverage you want, what your skin type is, and try and match up some good foundations for you. There is a foundation for pretty much everyone, and every skin type.

I was matched to shade calico and we decided the essentially natural foundation was best for me. Once placed on my skin the shade was almost a perfect match and I could tell once blended you would never know it was there! It was so light and easy to wear I would be comfortable buying that foundation!

Are there any downsides?
Yes. I dont think the assistant I saw was very helpful, when she applied foundation to me knowing I had no makeup on she just put some along my jaw line let me look then took it off again. Without really telling me about how or why the foundation was good for me. Now Im no idiot so I could see it was good, but a bit of communication doesn't go a miss, especially from someone trying to stick makeup on your face! I also think if you have no makeup on at all the foundation should be applied all over the face, you would get a better idea of how the foundation sits overall on your skin. Especially if you have any small trouble areas. I also think testers should be available, as I have sensitive skin I find one day wear of something can be fine on my skin but the second or third day could break me out or give me reactions. When I asked if there were any samples she laughed and went 'No. We don't do samples'. Now considering I was thinking of spending my hard earned money on the foundation I think her reaction was rude. But I am going to try the service again else where, hopefully I can get someone nicer. She also did not let me try other foundations. Her reaction was 'this is what will work' and that was pretty much it, I would have liked to have actually seen if anything else would have looked nice on my skin. Besides lack of training I dont think there is much wrong with this service!