Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Updates and DIY disasters

Hi guys so I've finally made a Facebook page to keep mt blog and YouTube up to date all in one handy little place! Here's the link for it
Here's a link to my YouTube also, and you can always tweet me @kerri_jane :)

So what have I been doing? Working lots boooo and changing my hair colour! It's taken three dyes but finally it's a dark chest nutty brown that I love, let's just hope it doesn't fade like all the other browns have! It's very different to my lilac/white blonde hair but I love it!
 I've also been attempting galaxy print shorts I spent 4 hours cutting fraying then painting jeans only to find while drying the fabric paint I see left no colour and now my DIY shorts just look shiny! Going to be attempting them again in the next few days and will post pictures when I do :)

Love me