Saturday, 8 September 2012

Teeth Whitening

While out in superdrugs the other day I picked up a teeth whitening box, its not that Im totally unhappy with my teeth just that I would like them a little whiter. I picked up this brilliant whitening one week kit for £3.99 on special offer. I think it is around £5.50 usually. You get a teeth/mouth gurad, activating gel, teeth whitening serum and a whitening toothpast. You basically but the gel in the mouth guard coat your teeth with the whitening soloution (it has a sponge tip aplicator to make it a bit easier) then pop on the mouth guard wait for 10 minutes them brush your teeth with the toothpast provided, I have only tried this once, there was no sensitivity or uncomfortable feeling while waiting. Hopefully this will lighten my teeth a little bit. Even if it makes them a bit more even in colour I will consider it a good purchase!!

Lots of love xx