Thursday, 2 August 2012

Need to update more

hey guys it's been such a long time since I've even been on blogger I don't know where to begin!
First of all I have been concentrating on my YouTube channel and honestly have neglected my blog. I have a few written up ready on my computer from when I spent hours on a coach travelling but I hardly ever think of going on my laptops now I have an iPad. So what I have done is downloaded the blogger app and I'm going to try and do regular small updates from it. Just so I can keep my blog active for all my lovely beautiful loyal subbies. Expect lots of auto correcting to go one like it just tried to change subbies to sunbirds (bit weird) but thank you everyone who has stayed subscribed head over to my YouTube if you haven't already I post a fair few videos on there and there's loads of hauls (and who doesn't love being nosey at what people are buying I sure love it) and my tutorials will be starting back up now I've recovered from my horrible eye problems.

My YouTube

Thanks guys speak to you soon
Until next time enjoy the photo of my cat sleeping in a primark bag