Monday, 25 June 2012

Review - Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara

This review is probably going to be a little confusing because I have a product RAVE about a product I can no longer use! About a week ago I went into boots with a voucher to claim 50 boots points when you buy any natural collection product. As Im a complete mascara addict there was only one thing I wanted. The Natural Collection Lash Builder in Black. I first saw this on fleurdeforce $20/£20 challenge. She used this mascara and it looked amazing!

The brush is a nice size and is tapered, meaning I could get to my little lashes without stabbing myself in the eye with any big bristles! This mascara give the best look to my lashes, it takes a few coats but you are left with defined and lengthened lashes, on appearence it is my best mascara choice ever! For £1.99 I wasnt expecting this to become my go to mascara. I loved it more then my falsifeye by 17 which I can never put down!
The sad thing? It turns out Im allergic to it :( *cries* I think beause the formulation is a 'wet' mascara, I find they really aggrivate my eyes, this is my third wet mascara and I always end up the same afterwards, red sore eyes after 2 days of use.
I am gutted. BUT I do have to say if you generally are good with mascaras and do not have fussy eyes, check this out. You can not go wrong!!

Great Finish
No Clumps

Im allergic to it!!

I hope my allergy does not put anyone off this mascara and Im sure you will understand why I can not wear it and take photos of how it looks, But if you watch fleurdeforce £20/$20 video, you will see the look of the mascara. Watch the video here.