Friday, 18 May 2012

Review - Barry M Lipstick

So I have a new lipstick that has become, probably the new love of my life (in terms of lipstick)

Its a Barry M lip paint and I can not remember the name of the shade but basically if you see a green lipstick please pick it up!! this is what it is,

Sorry for the blurry close up, but it really turns a lovely pink, and over a foundation on me it goes even more shockingly pink! This lipstick costs £4.49 and has been the best liptick I have brought so far for the colour! Its a great pink shade and the best thing is that it adapts to your skin tone. Meaning the colour will be different for you, its going to be the perfect pink colour for you! The lasting power is amazing! I went about 8hours without having to re-apply, because it fades all over at the same time. It makes it easy to go long times and not have to worry about touch ups. One bad thing is that if you do re-apply over the top a few times like I have before it can stain your lips especially if there are any dry patches, as it will stick to them.

Long Lasting
Great Colour
Moisturising on the lips

Can Stain lips

I will definatly be buying another one of these when Ive finished it! 5/5