Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review - Andrew Barton 'I Love Curls' Hair Curler

So I wanted a fat barreled curler for adding slight waves to my hair. My straighteners dont glide easily through my hair so its a hassle to get this slightly waved look. And I have a curling wand so waves are out of the question with that aswell! I ended up going for the Andrew Barton 'I Love Curls' professional hair curler. It cost me £19.99 and can be purchased here.
 This is the kind of look I was aiming for and it gives it with hardly any effort. There are 11 different heat settings for your hair, but in all honesty I just stick it straight up to 200 and curl away. Im sure with lesser heat I could achieve different looks.
 As you can tell it mostly works on the ends of my hair, as its so fine and kind of short the curls fall loosely at the ends of my hair. If you have longer hair Im sure a different look can be achieved.

 The curler itself has three buttons. An on/off button and one to change the temp up and another the turn it down. The problem with these buttons is the ones for the temp are right by where my thumb rests so I have accidently turned the heat down while curling! However it isnt such a big issue that it turned me off using them! The curlers take between 30seconds to a minute to heat up. You know they are ready when the heat you have selected stops flashing on the display.

This is the box they came in because my picture of them isnt very good!
The curlers are 33mm barrel.
I am happy with this purchase and so glad I have a styling tool that can give me effortless loose waves/curls!

Have you tried these? Or anything else in the Andrew Barton range? I also tried his 'Making Waves' hair waver you can see the results here.