Monday, 9 April 2012

Review - Rimmel Lipstick

 Today Im going to review the Rimmel Longlasting Lipstick in shade 028 - Celeb

 I simply love this colour, Im so into my pink lipsticks at the moment and this is a perfect everday shade while still being a bit bright and fun. The colour goes on smoothly lasts around 3-4 hours not much longer (for a long lasting colour I was hoping for 6ish hours)
 The packaging is ok, nothing special and doesnt draw me to the product like some packaging (I mean HELLOOO that moisture renew packaging is a gorgeous purple much better looking then this)

This at the end of the day is a standard lipstick thats creamy and soft on application. You can get these lipsticks for £4.99 and for the price it is not a bad lipstick I would just like it to last a bit longer, and the styling of the packaging lets it down a bit more. I would give this product a 3/5 and would most likely repurchase for the texture of this lipstick.