Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Review - Facial Sheet Mask

Its been a while since I last posted anything and that has mostly been to the fact I have started a new job, and not settled down into a routine yet. With this new job came some problems for my skin, I now work in a stockroom, and its dirty and dusty in there and my skin really suffers!!! I decided to completely overhall my skincare routine and have become more intense with it. I also decided to kick start the process of having nice skin again, I would try out a facial sheet. I tried the Refresh  & Revive - IPL mask. It cost a bargain 69p from home bargains!!

 I got this one just in the hope it would appear to give me more radiant looking skin as it became very dull. I must say I was impressed you get a good size mask that covers the whole face, it takes a minute or two to get used to the feel its very soggy but you get used to it. I left it on for 10-15 minutes and once I took it off my skin looked healthier and it had a nice little glow to it! I couldn't be happier with the results! However you do end up looking a bit funny in it!!
I will be buying more of these masks as it did work and made my skin glow, for 69p it is a complete bargain!!

It works (dont expect miracles it is not going to fix bad skin but for a nice radiant glow you can't go wrong with this)
Its super affordable
Easy to use

It feels funny on
Slightly large in the chin area for me

Hope you enjoy this review and if you walk past a home bargains pick one up and try it out