Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review - Carmex

With my new job I work in a stock room and its so dusty! My skin has been suffering and so have my lips. They are uber dry and flaking. My Elf lip balm wasnt cutting it anymore so I decided I would check out the hype around carmex and give it a go. Every one says they last forever so for the £2 odd I paid for it its not a bad deal. I got the pot in the cherry flavour.
I really like this, the taste is nice, it really hydrates my lips and softens the skin. In two days its worked wonders my lips are not dry and flakey and full of dead skin any more so Im glad I picked this up.
If I ever run out of this I will pick it up again because as a sucker for anything that smells of berries I would buy it just to smell it all the time (oddball I know!)