Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blogger Tag

Enigmatic Rambles tagged anyone to do this tag, and I love reading her posts so decided to do it too, she has some great nail posts you should check her out! I also tag anyone that might be interested in doing this!

1) What inspired you to start your blog?

I started reading blogs to get inspiration for my growing love of makeup. I also wanted to branch out more and find affordable products people liked, I started to buy more and experiment more and I thought it would be nice to write a blog so I could track where I was going and share my experiences with starting my makeup addiction! It wasnt so much about telling people more giving myself an outlet to talk about it because lets face it, to my boyfriend a mascara is a mascara and he doesnt care what they do and what I think of them, so I needed somewhere to pop it all down!

2) What advice would you give to a beginner blogger?

Only start if it is something you want to do. I look at my blog as a sort of mini makeup diary. Sometimes I have alot to say and will blog alot sometimes I dont feel like writing anything. Dont feel pressured to write something all the time and do it because you want to blog, not get free stuff and money from it.

3) What do you like most about blogging?

I love the creative outlet, I like taking the pictures writing the words and even having a little chuckle to myself when I write it all down. But most of all I like when people talk back to you, theres some really nice people out there and its nice when you all say hello :)

4) What do you dislike most about blogging?

Finding time or inspiration, I have so much to do between work, trying to fit in family, a boyfriend, my boyfriends son and his family that I dont often get time to blog. But that is the only thing I dislike trying to fit it all in!

5) What are your favourite blogs or types of posts to read?

I love reading high street/drugstore makeup reviews. Im always on a budget and I want to know what does the job on a cheap price!! But I do still enjoy reading everything people post whether thats the high end stuff I can only dream of buying or the cheap and cheerful! I also like more personal posts like when people give you a little about their lives, like day in the life posts (although they do work better as videos on youtube!!)

6) What is your personal favourite post you've written?

Erm Im not sure if I have one. I now on reviews include a pro's/con's list at the end as a good way to sum up how I feel on a product. I suppose one of my favorite posts would be my avon mascara review Its my first proper mascara review and I love mascaras, so thats probably why I picked it!!

7) Do people in your personal life support your blog?

I dont think very many people know about it. My partner does although hes never read it, he supports me and is glad that I have something to do in my spare time to stop me getting bored! My dad and a few friends know Im on youtube so I suppose they may have sussed I blog aswell. But everyone is supportive and no one has ever told me its a silly thing to do. I suppose as its a hobby for me I dont care what people think anyway!

8) If you could change anything about blogger (or any other blog platform you use), what would it be?

Templates are so hard to use and Im a complete techno-phobe I have no idea what HTML is let alone how to use it! And how do people get pictures in their backgrounds or where their title goes to make it so individual??!! I need some kind of idiot's guide provided because I do need help in that area!

9) How long does it take you to complete a post?

It depends on the blog post if I have pictures already ect. I find when Im writing it all comes pretty quickly and I can form a post in about half an hour. Maybe a bit longer if its a sudden spur of the moment and I need to get pictures!!

10) How do you deal with hate?

Ive not had any on blogger, but I have on youtube. Well it was more of a troll, He basically said 'who's on drugs? the girl with the bleach blonde hair' I found it funny someone would think Im on drugs and yes my hair is bleached I wanted it that way its really no big dig! I just laugh it off because its not worth bothering about! If someone was to say something to one of my readers or commenters then I would delete their comments straight away you can hate on me, but not on people that talk to me!

11) When/why did you first start reading blogs?

I started reading blogs about a year ago or so.

12) What was the first blog you followed?

I dont know I loved pixiwoo on youtube so it was probably theirs.

13) How many blogs do you follow?

hmmm only 84 on here but theres many more I follow though hello cotton, as I use that to follow blogs more then blogger! I think its over 150 on hello cotton
14) Do you wish you had more followers?

No everyone would like more, but I blog for me, and any followers I gain is just a huge bonus.

15) If you weren't a blogger, what would you do?

Seeing my partner a little more! There are nights where I go 'hmmm I feel like blogging tonight' and with no internet access at his I come home away from him! It sounds mean and doesnt happen alot but he doesnt mind anyway as I do tell him in advance, the phone call usually goes 'are you coming over tonight?' me: 'erm well I want to do my blog things I havnt done it in a while and I really feel like doing some but I will see you afterwards! LOVE YOU' he doesnt mind at all as he knows this is important to me and that we are not joined at the hip! I dont mind when he says he wants to watch football and he doesnt mind when I want to ramble on my blog! :)

If any of you want to do this tag, please feel free, and let me know if you do it and send me links so I can read all of yours!! xx