Saturday, 24 March 2012

My No Shampoo (No 'poo) Experience

So most of January and February I decided to try the whole No 'poo trend I had seen in the American beauty community. No 'poo is basically not using shampoo on your hair to eliminate all the chemicals that shampoo deposits on your hair and damages it.
So the history about my hair, It is super fine, bleached blonde, and gets greasy within a day! What I hoped no 'poo could achieve for me? Well I hoped I could go every other day shampooing my hair just to save on the cost more then anything, washing your hair everyday takes a lot of product and a lot of money!

No 'poo Method's

Theres a fair few of them, the first is not washing your hair at all. You leave your hair for so long your natural oils cleanse and clean the hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. This process takes a few weeks (between 4 and 8 for some people)
Baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner. This requires making a shampoo out of baking soda and water (mixed together at 1table spoon of baking soda to one cup of water) running this through your hair and rising off. Followed by an apple cider vinegar conditioner (made with 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 cup of water) this can either be sprayed into the hair using a pump bottle or poured over the ends of your hair. Again rinsing with water afterwards.
Shampoo Bars. This is a solid shampoo, so all the liquid chemicals are taken out leaving you with a solid shampoo bar which is used in the hair to wash it.

Method's I tried

I tried them all. After two days of not washing my hair I couldnt stand it any more. I knew I couldn't do the 4-8 weeks required for the process to work. The problem is shampoo can reduce the natural oil that your hair produces, and once you eliminate the problem your hair produces more oils to compensate for the chemicals usually in your shampoo. In my understanding your hairs natural oils are enough to clean and keep your hair moisturised and not dry. However shampoo uses chemicals to 'replicate' this natural process but limits the amount of natural oils produced. So when you dont shampoo your hair over compensates and makes more oil. It is a bit like things need to get worse before they get better. This is where it went wrong for me, my hair produced so much oil I knew I could not go out of the house without shampooing so I tried the baking soda option!
I then tried the baking soda shampoo I mixed it up and washed my hair and rinsed it all out. I skipped the apple cider vinegar step, because I never condition my hair, unless Ive just coloured it, so didnt see why I would need to now. But boy do I wish I had. My hair felt so brittle and dry. This did not make me happy, my hair is usually so soft and I hated it feelin like that. So I rushed down to lush and purchased a shampoo bar. I got one that had lemon and lime in and was formulated for greasy hair. It was a bit wierd at first because your are rubbing what looks like soap into your hair. I had to warn my family it wasnt actually a soap! I expected this to be a bad experience for me too! I have used a regular soap on my hair (when I go camping and theres not always a shower available) because the soap really dries up my hair and I can tie it up and forget about it for 2/3 days. However it leaves my hair feeling heavy/scummy/dry and all round yucky. I thought this shampoo bar would be the same! It's not :) It lathers up so nicely and washes out like a dream. After one wash my hair smelt great, felt so soft, and didnt leave any residue. It took about a week or so before I could miss a day inbetween washes and by the time my shampoo bar ran out I could go 3 days without shampooing my hair! It was a great result for me. My shampoo bar has now gone but I can still go every other day washing my hair which is great for me. When my shampoo is gone Im definatly going to go the route of shampoo bars again, my hair just felt so much healthier. If you want to try the whole No 'poo thing, I suggest trying shampoo bars if like me you have greasy hair. However if you can go roughly a week or 1-2washes a week, maybe not washing your hair at all would work for you. But read up on this whole thing just so you know what you are getting into. Not everyones experience will be the same!