Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hair Tutorial

So the last 3 days I have been wearing my hair like this. Its a french plait/braid bun kind of thing (if you have ever seen Cherry Healey on tv its like her go-to hair style!)
The first time I did this it was with freshly washed hair, it was just too shiney and soft to hold the style because I have super fine hair! But this is perfect for day after hair or for hiding greasy hair! If you are not very good at following instructions and would like a visual on this tutorial I will be uploading a video later on tonight, So you can subscribe to my youtube here,
Onto the instuctions!
1, split your hair into a side parting
2, on the side with more hair start a normal plait, towards the front section of hair.
3, every time you cross over a piece of hair add some more hair to it, so when you cross over the right strand over the middle stand of hair, take a bit extra from the right hand side with it
4, carry this on until your french braid reaches the bottom of your ear, then plait normally to the ends of your hair, hold in place with a bobby pin (or hair grip as they are usually known)
5, carry on the same french braid process of the other side however start it a bit further back so from the middle sections of hair
6, gather both plaited ends and cross over each other, while at the same time gathering the rest of your hair that is not in plaits.
7, pin this all into place to it rests like a messy bun thing on the bottom of your hair line.
 You should be left with something that keeps all the hair out of your face looks nice, but is quite easy to do with some practice!
I will link the video directly when it is up and ready :)
I hope you like this xx