Monday, 26 March 2012

Eye Shimmer Nails

Confused by the title? Be confused no more!!

Basically this is how I use eye shimmers to make a beautiful shimmer nail look. I have a few eye shimmers which I never really use as I find them a bit hard to work with so while using my nail glitter one day I wondered if I could use an eye shimmer in the same way and it turns out you can. (you can watch that video to see the results of nail glitters)

                      Haha on my little finger the white got mixed in with the blue and made it look all funky!!
But for now Im going to give you a step by step guide to using your eye shimmers on your nails.

Step 1,
Get something to work on, a lid to a box, some paper, anything because this WILL get messy (yay shimmery messy goodness)

Step 2,
Pick your eye shimmers and put a generous amount into the lid or keep it in the pot if you will only be using it for your nails from now on.

Step 3,
Apply a coat of clear nail varnish (use a cheap one you dont want to use your best clear varnish for this) another note is to do this nail by nail DO NOT paint all your nails in one go because it will dry before you get chance to cover all the nails in shimmer! So be patient and go nail by nail.

Step 4,
Place you nail into the shimmer with the nail touching the shimmer (sounds a bit obvious but I told someone to put their nail in and they just placed their finger in hoping the shimmer would then spill over onto the nail - it didnt work out they just had shimmery finger tips instead)

Step 5,
Using an old brush, dust of any excess of shimmer that may be on surrounding skin then blow off the excess shimmer. Once you have used this brush for your nails I suggest you keep it for your nails only, you dont want this anywhere near your eyes afterwards!

Step 6,
Using steps 3-5 finish all of your nails off. You can alternate colours like I have or use just one colour.

 Step 7,
After a few minutes apply the same clear varnish over all the nails to help this last longer, don't worry this wont move your shimmer underneath it just helps protect it for longer.

Step 8,
Clean up the hell of a mess you will have made :) and then wash your hands to remove any shimmer off your skin. And you are done :)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Let me know if you try it out.