Saturday, 18 February 2012

Top 5 Elf Products

Oh My Goodness was this a hard thing to do or what? ELF offer some amazingly low cost products that picking my top 5 was far too hard.
For those of you that dont know, ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face and they are an online cosmetics company that offer high quality products for an amazingly low price (as little as £1.50 for the basic line and there is always some amazing offer going on!)

So what I picked

Elf Liquid Eyeliner (basic line) £1.50
This is such an intense black and one of the only liquid eyeliners I use that isn't in a felt liner form. The application is very smooth and easy. The brush is small but not too small which allows you to do small detail or a great big winged liner look! Another thing I like about this liner is if you apply liner like me in lots of small strokes if you go over an earlier stroke it doesnt disturb or remove the liner thats already there (as I have noticed with some liners) one thing I dislike is it can take a while to dry.

Elf Mineral Powder (mineral line) £3.50
I have mine in light. I just love how light and easy this is to use, it can be built up to provide the coverage you want whether thats sheer or full coverage (however Ive never taken it to full coverage as I generally dont need alot of foundation I like to let my skin breath!) I use a stipple brush to apply this but you could use a kabuki or powder brush. For £3.50 this is a great investment into mineral foundations.

Elf Stipple Brush (Studio Line) £3.50
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush. I know its not for everyone as this one is not very dense and is quite flimsy but for applying mineral powder or lightly buffing in products that don't require too much effort its a fantastic brush. I wouldnt use this to apply a liquid foundation its generally not up for that kind of use because it isn't dense enough but for light buffing use its perfect and so soft on the skin which is a real plus! One tip I have if this comes to you out of shape and not very round give it a wash and it should dry in its round shape.

Elf Matte Lip Colour (studio line) £3.50
I have mine in natural (one of three colours in my collection) I love a good matte lip colour and this is an easy effortless everyday colour, that I just love. The colour lasts a long time but can be just a little drying on the lips so apply a balm with it.

Elf Brightening Eye Quad (basic line) £1.50
For 4 colours this is an amazing price, I can do an everyday natural look, go a bit more extreme with the purple and use the variety of browns to do my brows, this truely is such a versatile product for me it had to make my top 5!

For swatches and to see the product check out my video that goes with this blog (also look out for the tip with the lip colours just incase yours broke the way mine did)

I hope you check out my video
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